Our Pilates classes, whether 1:1, 2:1 or in a group setting will be given under the instruction of a Registered Physiotherapist who has a further postgraduate qualification in Clinical Pilates from March 1st, 2017.

Mat- Based Pilates Classes

Classes are held at Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd at Pasadora Place or at your home or place of work. These classes consist of small groups with a maximum of 8 clients or private 1:1 and 2:1 instruction. 


Clinic Based Prices

  • Block of 6 x 1hr Consecutive Classes $120CI
  • 1hr class drop in $25CI
  • 1:1 Instruction $95CI
  • 2:1 Instruction $140CI

We also have packages of 5 and 10 private lessons available in order to offer our clients great value and further improved outcomes.

  • Package of 5 = 10% discount per session
  • Package of 10 = 20% discount per session


Home and Office Visits
Price available on request.



Class Schedule

 Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday   Friday       Saturday 

 9:30 am 

L1   1 hr 





L1/2    1hr 


10:45 am

L1    1 hr 



L1-L2 1hr 


Postnatal Pilates



 12:15 pm

 45 Mins L2



12:15 pm

45 Mins L1




 5:30 pm

1 hr  L1-2

Prenatal Pilates

5:45 pm 


5:30 pm  

1 hr L2


 6:30 pm

1 hr   L1-2




 Beginners- Entry level Pilates in terms of experience and physical ability

L1 Intermediate
L2 Mixed Ability Groups

*Please note that classes cannot be carried over into the next block. If you miss a class please contact us. We allow you to make up missed classes within the current block in any session that has a space.


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For more information contact:

Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd 949-8828
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