The girls from Cayman Physiotherapy got a chance to practice their taping skills recently when they participated in a Kinesio Tex Taping Course.The three day seminar presented by Rob Brandon a certified kinesio taping instructor from New York was held at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority and showcased the many varied uses of this versatile therapy adjunct.

The uniquely designed tape first developed in Japan has been around for many years. It saw a growth in its use and popularity around the world, after being utilised at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.These days you cannot watch a premiership football match or tennis championship without noticing athletes with distinctive brightly coloured tape applied to various body parts.

So what does it do? And how does it differ from classic sports taping products?The tape has been uniquely designed with elastic properties and is said to mimic the qualities of human skin.It is breathable, latex free, water resistant and can be worn 24 hours per day for up to 5days. (Even for swimmers)Kinesio Tex Tape can be used for many conditions during any stage of injury; from resting and supporting an acute muscle strain to facilitating and enhancing movement of a chronic shoulder injury.In addition it can be effective on the sports field for injury prevention, can enhance your performance and protect you from injury and fatigue.  

The application of kinesio tape can improve circulation, reduce swelling, improve postural alignment, awareness and provide pain relief in muscles and joints.Of course with this many benefits; you can see how it would be beneficial not just for athletes but also those with sedentary jobs suffering from long hours of computer work, or the older population who may require assistance with the pain of arthritis.

The patients attending Cayman Physiotherapy have certainly given very positive feedback. Patient Hannah Cook, who suffered a recent sports injury, commented “The tape felt very supportive as soon as it was applied and was comfortable to wear until my next physiotherapy session. I was able to exercise with less pain.”

Sara Windsor one of the physiotherapists who benefited from the course is finding it a very useful adjunct to her other therapy techniques. “The tape is easy and quick to apply; it allows treatment carry over from one session to the next. Patients really notice less pain and improved movement. It is also great feedback for patients through the day to improve their posture.”