Bethany Cook of Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd. once again came to the rescue of a sporting team participating in a major tournament on behalf of the Cayman Islands.


Singapore played host to the ICC's Pepsi World Cricket League Division 5 tournament between February 18th and 25th 2012. Participating nations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Guernsey, Bahrain, Argentina & the Cayman Islands battled to finish in the top two for a promotion to the Division 4 competition. A promotion for continuation to a place in the next ICC Cricket World Cup!

The high intensity level required in Singapore's hot & humid playing conditions manifested quite a few injuries. Extensive physiotherapy assistance aided player recovery through the use of soft-tissue massage, ultrasound, interferential current, ice application, heat application & Kinesio taping to get the cricketers back in shape to play.

Despite the physiotherapy interventions, the conditions proved a tough challenge for the Cayman team as they failed to be promoted. They now have 12 months to prepare for the ICC Americas Division 1 tournament & a further 6 months to prepare for the next World Cricket League Division 5 competition. There were impressive individual performances from a few members of the team and in fact, the 4th place finish for the Cayman team meant they avoided relegation for the first time in approximately 5 years.

Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd. Wish them the best of luck during their preparations!