Cayman physiotherapist Lindsey Macfee has secured a physiotherapy role at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Lindsey, who works at Cayman Physiotherapy will be working at the Aquatic Park and Training venue.

" I am thrilled to be part of the Olympic Games especially as I applied over 18 months ago. I will be working at the training venue for swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming prior to the start of the games and then at the Water Park during the Games. It is the opportunity of a lifetime!" - Lindsey MacFee

Although Lindsey won't be working specifically with the Cayman swimmers on this occasion, Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd. has been involved closely with the Cayman Islands National Swim Team for over 15 years.

Cayman Physiotherapy is now open until 8:00PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Lower limb rehabilitation classes are run at Motions Unlimited twice weekly. They are closely supervised classes by one of our physiotherapists in order to train your strength, balance and joint awareness. The class is aimed at furthering your rehabilitation post injury and/or surgery in order to gain the most from your recovery and prepare you for your normal level of activity post initial healing and recovery within the clinic.

The classes target high end rehabilitation to get you ready to go back to sport. They aim to provide a transition from the clinic to the sporting arena to give you confidence and strength to aid prevention of further injury and to enhance your performance at all levels of competition.

Small groups of no more than 4 people work with the physiotherapist over one hour. You will have your own, unique set of exercises prescribed under the guidance of the physiotherapist to challenge and progress you according to your injury. The facilities involve the use of trampolines and the sprung loaded floor and will include both dynamic and static exercises to challenge power and balance.

Motions provide both showers and changing facilities for your convenience over the lunchtime sessions.

For more information contact Zoë Rogers at Cayman Physiotherapy.



"The classes at Motions were a great opportunity to test my recovery by performing a wide variety of exercises whilst in a safe environment. The coaching, equipment and venue meant that very specific exercises could be conducted in a controlled manner assisting in quicker recovery from replacement of my ACL. The exercises helped me gain confidence in my knee quickly and enabled me to represent the Cayman Islands at rugby." - James

"I visited Zoe with a pessimistic view on the level of recovery I could achieve post ACL reconstruction. In summary, the knee rehab class gave me the confidence I needed to get back into the world of sport. It wasn't an easy process, I had to work hard but the gradual progression in the gym combined with physiotherapy in the clinic produced terrific results for me. Since the recovery I completed my first triathlon, finishing first in my age group. I could never have achieved the results I experienced without the rehab classes and most importantly Zoe. I will be forever grateful for all her hard work and dedication." - Darryl

Kevin Murray and Beth Cook from Cayman Physiotherapy recently volunteered their time with the Cayman Junior National Squash team as part of their preparations for Junior CASA ( Caribbean Amateur Squash Association) championships in Jamaica. All the athletes were individually assessed by the physiotherapists and given specific exercises to work on depending on any potential problem areas identified. This sports specific injury prevention strategy was well received by the young athletes and by Glen Stark the junior national coach. The team have now returned to the island after performing well in Jamaica in both the individual and team events.

Yesterday was the last day of the Olympic and Paralympic London 2012 games and today there was a final celebration and parade in London. All Games makers were asked to wear their uniform for a final time. So I thought I would wear mine to work!!!